Greg Haynes AKA Fybe:one is a UK based graphic designer, art director, illustrator, animator and music producer, with over 15 years professional experience.
With over 15 years professional experience, my passion for design and creativity runs through everything I do, progressing from Junior Designer to Art Director and Creative Director at creative agencies, to running my own business for several years and my personal creative and music projects. Over these years I have learnt and mastered techniques and skills that have equipped me to deliver outstandingly creative and successful work for both agencies and brands. The majority of my experience is in Branding and Online, creating unique personalities and understanding how to make a brand come alive and shine, from brand guidelines and custodianship to social presence and dynamic motion assets. Understanding a clients needs and fulfilling the brief is always paramount, breathing life and creativity into the solution is always the goal. I love working in a team as either designer or manager / mentor and approach each task with enthusiasm, discipline and humility. A natural flair for illustration, painting and sketching gives me a unique, multi media led, hands-on approach to design.

In addition to graphic design, I have been persuing music production, and founded my own record label, which nurtured and showcased the talents of emerging artists. I have released music through both renowned record labels and his personal imprint, resonating with listeners across the globe.

Outside of my professional life, my true joy lies in sharing creative endeavors with my loved ones. Alongside my wife and two sons, we embrace the wonders of imagination, spending quality time together drawing dinosaurs, building dens and getting creative. Currently seeking new opportunities, I am eager to embark on fresh creative ventures, to lend my expertise and boundless imagination to innovative projects. With a diverse skill set and unwavering passion for creativity, I am poised to make a lasting impact in any creative endeavor I undertake.
If you like what you see and are interested in working together, please get in touch here.